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Where It All Began

Hello all!

Welcome to our blog! This is my very first blog post for the website and I'm so excited to start sharing information about our photography company and fun experiences with our clients. I think this is a great way to showcase our journey as a photography company and to share our stories with you all! Now, you're probably wondering about us and how we started this photography business. Let's jump into it!

For starters, David and I met at the University of Texas at San Antonio in July of 2011. Go roadrunners! Oh man, where did time go??? We met in a photography class, of course :) It was a summer class so those of you that know how summer classes go, they are a daily thing, they can be a few hours long and very fast paced, so David and I were around each other A LOT. The dating thing began after the semester was over and we've been glued to each other ever since!

We graduated in 2012, me in May and David in December and then two years later, we were married in November of 2014. David started toying with the idea of a photography business for quite sometime and decided that he really wanted to pursue his dreams as a professional photographer. Both he and I thought that would be such a great way to portray our love of photography and get to experience life experiences with out clients.

So, why Odd Brew you ask? I'm OBSESSED with coffee. I have coffee everyday and I can't live without it. I love Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts coffee! I truly think I was a coffee bean in my past life haha. David is a tea drinker, unsweet tea to be exact! You can brew both beverages so David thought of the the brilliant name and it comes from beverages that we love the most. I get excited when people ask questions about our company name at wedding shows because we get to talk about how much we love coffee and tea! Good company and good conversations can start with a great cup of tea or coffee.

Now that you know a little insight about us and how we began our journey as a photography company, I'm hopeful that you'll tag along with us in our posts as we share moments from our wedding and portrait adventures. Photography is best the job in the world and it never ever feels like work to us. Some people dread going into work but we are the exact opposite. We look forward to spending time behind the camera, getting that perfect image and seeing the smiles and excitement from our clients when they see little sneak peaks on our cameras. Tagging along on peak life experiences with our clients and capturing their milestones is coolest and best job in the world!

Thanks for stopping by our site and our blog to get to know us a little better. We're all about meeting new people and expanding our business out to the community and to the world!

See you all soon!!!

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